Tooling Up

I’m in Crouch End surrounded by architectural models and CDs and watching Grace the goldfish who seems to have a problem with her swim bladder.

It couldn’t be further removed from waking up in a tent on top of a Land Rover in Mauritania.

Last night over supper in a pub we created a list of ‘potential problems’ and ‘actual problems’ with our project. The actual-have-already-definitely-happened problems list was reassuringly short but potentially a hell of a lot could go wrong.

So I am staving off an anxiety attack with another visit to the Land Rover garage in Herne Hill.

If anyone is likely to save our lives on the expedition it is the generous Mark Sales and the good men of Jlc Ltd. They have been patiently explaining the best way to move a Land Rover tyre when it weighs almost as much as you, what an oil filter is and how to change it and the importance of axel stands. They have, undaunted by my mechanical idiocy, tried to explain how to align the steering, how a blow with a mallet releases a ball and socket joint and many other things – some of which may need another demonstration.

These gallant men are the closest thing to knights in shining armour I have ever encountered.

One Response

  1. Beware Knightess’s in shining amour they can really affect your ball and socket.

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