Plots and pans

We are now full time expedition planning since visiting the last school in our UK network on Thursday.
I spend my days touring camping shops, plaguing their hapless employees with questions about the precise battery life in various head torches, the exact weight of a frying pan and the dangers of chaffing when wearing trousers which zip off to make shorts.
Using my extensive albeit 20-year-old experience of setting up dolls’ houses I have become fixated on how small things are and how neatly they can pack into tiny spaces.
And if we ever get four consecutive minutes of sunshine in Somerset I dash outside to trial my solar panels (thank you very much Powertraveller).
However, collecting expedition kit is much more fun than dealing with the devilish detail in our carnet de passage – a kind of passport for the car – or trying to work out the best order in which to obtain West African visas. These difficult decisions I leave to Tim.
– LM

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