About Us

We are three friends who met at University nine years ago. We are not climate scientists and we do not pretend to provide the solution to the causes of sea level rise, but we hope that our work will raise awareness about the immediate difficulties faced by Atlantic communities, and also help the next generation share strategies for combating the consequences of the rising Atlantic tide.

In January this year the Royal Geographical Society gave us a grant to make this possible, so we gave up our day jobs to work on this full time:

TimTim Bromfield – Tim graduated from Cambridge with a degree in Geography and has worked as a teacher in both London and Uganda. For the last 5 years he has been working at Accenture where he has led projects such as the Guardian’s Katine project in Uganda. Until recently he has concentrated on building Accenture’s sustainability practice. Desperate to swap his suit for sandals, Tim continues to work with the African Medical and Research Foundation.

LynnLynn Morris – Lynn has finally settled in London working as a video journalist for the Press Association, after spending six years as a reporter in three different continents. She blames her wanderlust on a childhood spent between family in Kenya and Somerset. Lynn graduated from Cambridge in 2002 with a BA in Social Anthropology and also holds an MA in Visual Anthropology from Manchester University.

WILLWill Lorimer – After leaving Cambridge University with a first class degree in Social Anthropology, Will went to film school in Manchester before working as a cameraman in Palestine, Poland and America. He has worked on productions for the BBC and Channel 4 as well as directing programmes for Five, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. When not working, he usually bolts to the West Coast of Scotland for mountaineering and fishing expeditions.

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