Back to school

Apologies for radio silence blog fans. Atlantic Rising has been very busy over the last couple of weeks visiting schools all over the country.

It’s exciting now the first stage of our expedition has begun and we have already been to 10 of the 11 UK schools in our network.

Visiting schools is a disconcerting experience. Having never willingly set foot in a school in my life and certainly not frequented such establishments since 1998 it was very strange to be back in the classroom. And even odder to be allowed into the haven of the staffroom.

We found sometimes children completely understood the climate change issues we discussed in class and other times they were only interested in hitting each other with water bottles. Regularly, I have been pulled back from the brink of despair by an insightful comment from an interested child or a question that shows someone is thinking for themselves.

It’s is not easy and I think our teaching techniques could do with some improvement but it is really good when we see children logging on to Rafiki (the online community for schools) and beginning to get in touch with children in other parts of the world. And in moments such as that, I think our project might actually work.