How can I help?


The opportunity still exists to become a headline sponsor with a package that incorporates branding on the expedition vehicle and website,  tailored communications materials for your business, as well as presentations from the team at your offices in the UK or on our route.  As well as an association with an environmental education project, sponsors will gain exposure to a wide international audience.  Your donations will be crucial to Atlantic Rising establishing and maintaining this unique project.  For more information contact

Get your school involved

We are already in contact with a number of schools around the Atlantic, but are still looking for more to become part of the project.  We are currently working with to compile a specific Schools Information Pack, that will give full details of the case studies, schools in the network, and a guide to using the project and website.  If you are a teacher or a pupil at a school that is either on the Atlantic coastline, or less than 1.5m above sea level, please get in touch with us at

Spread the word

We need to make noise.  Lots of noise.  This is a subject of global importance and we need everybody’s help to spread the word.  As we travel the Atlantic rim, we want to meet people who can share their own local knowledge and experiences with us.  Tell your families and friends, in this country and around the Atlantic, send them our details and tell them to get in touch with us at


We are currently registering as a charity and people will soon be able to donate through  Please contact us at for more information.

Start to act

There are things we can do collectively – and easily – that will make a measurable difference in the battle against global warming.  These three links give some guidance:

Mark Lynas: The Three Point Plan – 3 life changes that will make a big difference

Greenpeace Efficiencity – Excellent outline of how towns can improve their efficiency

USA environment Protection Agency advice for kids – Simple steps we can all take

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